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Stuckwish Family Farms voluntarily participates in a third party audit yearly to ensure we are following Good Agricultural Practices as listed by the USDA Harmonized GAP guidelines.  We continually meet certification passing the GAP Audit and currently take part in CanadaGAP. 


All certifications are kept on site at Stuckwish Family Farms and are available upon request.

2018 GAP Certification

2017 GAP Certification

2016 GAP Certification

Food safety is one or our biggest concerns at Stuckwish Family Farms.  We follow a strict food safety program throughout the growing and harvesting process to guarantee that our produce is provided to the consumer by following Good Agricultural Practices.  We ensure all guidlines are followed concerning sanitation, employee training in health and hygiene, packing, storage, transportation and trace-back ability. Our employees are continuously trained and inspected to make sure all GAP guidelines are followed. Every year we participate in a third party audit to ensure we are meeting all standards set by the Food and Drug Administration and the U.S. Department of Agriculture.   




Our employees are the first line of defense in the effort to minimize microbial food safety hazards for fresh fruits and vegetables.  At Stuckwish Family Farms, all employees are trained in food safety and are required to follow all GAP guidelines and requirements.



GAP certification is a necessary element in Stuckwish Family Farms' operations. GAP guidelines help us ensure the highest level of food safety throughout the production process from planting, to harvest, to packing and traceability. 



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